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What Makes Us Proud

At Summit Health Pharmacy, our focus is friendly, top notch service. Here, you’re like family. You’ll always be greeted with a smile, and every pharmacist on our team is fully committed to making medications as easy as possible for you. But that’s not all — we also provide home delivery and medication counseling services.

“Vince (Owner of Summit Health Pharmacy) is one of the most humble, polite, professional, compassionate, understanding, serving, prompt, and well liked individuals we have ever met. We are so fortunate to have Vince and Summit Health caring for our daughter and her transplanted heart.”

– Joe B.

“(Summit) always takes awesome care of us – Vince makes us feel like VIP members – Thank you!”

– Kris I.

“Overall tremendous service. A rare find in today’s world!”

– Greg M.

“The staff is amazing! Well informed and helpful.”

– Aby M.

“Love the way you do/handle everything. Truly a blessing to me and my son!”

– Sharon D.

“My orders for my son always sent timely. Vince and crew are always great to work with.”

– Angela C.

“One of, if not the best, pharmacies I have dealt with. We get a compound mixture. The staff is always VERY helpful and any problems we have they go above and beyond.”

– Brenda

“You guys are excellent!!! Medication arrives quickly. Staff anticipates our needs. Everyone is wonderful and friendly. Esp Vince.”

– Denice D

“Everything is great! The medication gets to my home quickly, no problems! Everyone I ever speak to on the phone are very helpful. Thanks!”

– Colleen H.

Our Services

Making Medication Easy

Summit Health Pharmacy offers a full range of standard and specialized pharmacy services:

Medication Counseling

Our pharmacists work with doctors to help you navigate your medication regimen

  • Complicated disease state management services
  • Fertility medication management
  • Insurance information assistance
  • Nutritional counseling

Free Local Delivery

If picking up medication is a challenge, we’ll get it straight to your door


Meeting individual needs with our sterile and non-sterile compounding services. Summit Health has been awarded the highest accreditation in the compounding industry.

  • Pediatric medication compounding
  • Autism medication compounding
  • Mitochondrial medication compounding
  • Men’s and women’s health compounding
  • Ophthalmic solution preparations
  • Ketogenic diet compounding
  • Veterinary medication compounding
  • Fertility medication compounding

Specialized Medications

Specialized medications for a variety of needs

  • Bio-identical hormone replacement medication
  • Low-dose Naltrexone
  • Thyroid medication
  • Nutritional supplements

Registered DEA Drug Disposal Site

We can help you dispose of certain medications, free of charge! Even if you’re not a customer of Summit, you are welcome to bring your unused, unwanted, or expired medications here for safe disposal.

Get In Touch

If you want to know more about our personalized services for patients, doctors, and manufacturers, we want to help! Contact us.