Can You Get a Prescription Filled in Another State? (Yes!)

What to do if You’re Out-of-State and Need a Prescription Refill.

People who travel in between states for work, or anyone vacationing outside of their home state, may find themselves in a position where they need to fill a prescription out-of-state. Since it’s important to take medications as instructed and to keep up with refills, it can be frustrating to realize that you’ve run out of (or will run out of) your medication while away from your pharmacy. Here are a few ways patients can ensure they have enough of their medication when traveling out of state and, if necessary, how to refill their prescriptions when out of state. 

Ask Your Doctor for a Written Prescription to Take With You

If you know that your prescription will run out while you’re away, consider asking your doctor for a written prescription that you can take with you. This will help you avoid the frustration and hassle of trying to figure out how to fill a prescription in the moment. This is a great option for people who know they’ll be out of town for a long time and will need a refill while their away. 

Transfer Your Prescription

Transferring a prescription is a relatively simple and quick process, although it may take up to 3 days to complete. To transfer your prescription, contact the pharmacy you’d like to use, and give them the information of your home pharmacy as well as the prescription(s) you’d like to fill. The pharmacists will take care of the transfer process. In some cases, as with narcotic prescriptions, you’ll need to call your doctor and ask them to fax your prescription to the pharmacy. 

Ask Your Pharmacist if They Can Mail Your Prescription

Many pharmacies will mail patients their prescriptions at no additional cost. If you’re out of state and realize that you only have a couple of days remaining on your prescription, call your pharmacy and ask if they can mail it to your location. This is a good option for patients who prefer to not find a new pharmacy. 

Cut Down on Costs by Finding a Pharmacy That Takes Your Insurance

It can be tempting to visit the first pharmacy you find when you’re nervous about filling a prescription. But filling prescriptions at a pharmacy that’s not in your insurance provider’s network can be expensive. To save costs, make sure to find a pharmacy that’s in-network with your insurance provider. 

Consider These Tips When Traveling With Medication

To ensure that your trip goes smoothly, consider following these tips for traveling with medication:

  • Carry a list of your medications as well as the dosage and frequency you take them.
  • If you’re flying, keep your medication in your carry-on.
  • Keep your medications stored in their labeled bottles.
  • If you’re traveling to another time zone, make sure to adjust your medicine to your new time zone.